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  Do the topics of  tyranny, corruption, ignorance, abuse of power, good intentions, communitarianism, socialism, patriotism, False Presumption, False Liberty tweak your nose?
Congratulations! You'll find something to complain about in Henry's Essays at The Seattle Sinner.

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The Politics of Changing a Light Bulb
   by Ron Branson, Founder -  JAIL4Judges
A Fairy Tale
A Maimed Mind
American Conduct: The Evil Escalator to Oblivion
Bye, Bye American Pie
Collectivism vs Cooperation (PDF)
Criminal Belief
Democratic Treachery (PDF)
Dreaming the Nightmare (PDF)
Empty Words - Deadly Intent
False Presumption, False Freedom, False Security
Good Advice Bad Results (PDF)
Grand Theft - Petty Presumption
Hate A Friend
Hello My Friends
Hello - Who Are You?
High Anxiety Low Relief
How It's Supposed To Be
Insanity - A Maimed Mind
Jihad and Holy War
Just Asking (PDF)
Law & Common sense (PDF)
Letter to Editor (PDF)
Light-Headed Visions of the Universe and Everything
Meandering From Past to Future
More Presumption, Liberty and Law

Overwhelmed and Confused
Palpitating Offal
Policy Trumps Law
Passion Played Out
Perceptions of Perpetual Prosperity - Cassandra's View
Presumption of Miracles
Policy and Presumptions of Power
Policy, Power and Presumption
Politics in an Apolitical Society
Policy Trumps Law
Presumption of Guilt - Culling the Herd
Presumptions of Life and Liberty
Presumptions of Tomorrow
Presumption, Liberty and Law
Propagated Error - 1776 to 2008 (and Beyond?)
Remembering Liberty
School is Out
Sticks and Stones and Words
The Coming Storm
Too Late Goodbye (PDF)
True Lies Seattle
What Do I Do Now?
What is Left to Say (PDF)
When Johnny Comes Marching Home (PDF)
Who Are We, and What Are We Doing here?
Who Are You


Wild and Wicked Winds of March
Henry's Essays were published monthly by The Seattle Sinner and a sister paper, The St. Louis Sinner
FYI - Put away your first impressions and self-censorship and actually read the Sinner's essays and columns. You might be surprised to find a few of your own thoughts reflected there, in print, by other people who use their heads for something other than to hold their hat,  glasses and spare safety-pins.

Why would The Seattle Sinner publish Henry's wild ravings?  (Why would anyone care?)

 . . . . . . Just "Because!"

Liberty is never Easy, Safe or totally Free!
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